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Services – For-Profit Sector

An increasing number of small and medium sized organizations are seeking to improve their long-term competitiveness.  In order to accomplish it these firms adopt practices or implement technologies with the potential to improve product quality, increase process flexibility, reduce production cycle times, lower costs and/or increase customer satisfaction.   With small to medium sized firms representing a significant part of any nation’s economy, it is important for these firms to succeed and to continue to make a strong contribution to the economy of the regions where they operate.

To be successful, for-profit executives need to clearly determine where they are with respect to the accomplishment of their business goals, fully understand the interaction among internal and external factors that can affect their success, and be able to develop and implement the plans that will lead to their desired goals.

FRAI provides services to help for-profit firms improve their effectiveness and efficiency.  The following services help top managers and business owners not only to identify the key factors that need to be addressed to accomplish the business goals, but also to develop realistic strategic and operational plans, while keeping the pulse on progress through a comprehensive results management system.


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